Houdini 13.0 HScript commands

Makes operators accessible in the toolbars.


  1. opunhide [networktype [opname1...]]

When just the networktype option is specified, all current ophide commands for that network type are displayed. If no options are given, all ophide commands for all network types are displayed.

The network type can be one of:

  • Object - Object Operators (OBJs)

  • Sop - Geometry Operators (SOPs)

  • Particle - Particle Network Operators

  • Pop - Particle Operators (POPs)

  • ChopNet - Channel Network Operators

  • Chop - Channel Operators (CHOPs)

  • Driver - Output Operators (ROPs)

  • Shop - Shader Operators (SHOPs)

  • Cop2 - Composite Operators (COP2s)

  • CopNet - Composite Network Operators

  • Vop - VEX Operators (VOPs)

  • VotNet - VEX Network Operators


opunhide Sop sphere
makes sphere SOP accessible in toolbar

opunhide Shop gen_shadow
makes generic shadow SHOP assessable from toolbar

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